Remy Vs. Virgin Hair!!

Remy hair is human hair (from any origin/texture) that is bundled together after receiving from the hair donor, but carefully laying in the same direction (cuticles that are facing the same direction). It is hair that has been donated, then processed (colored, lightened or bleached, or textured with a hair pattern or curl). Anytime hair is processed (colored, lightened, texture processing), it is Remy. Virgin hair is human hair that is collected from a hair donor (from any origin/texture), and it is completely unprocessed, and uncolored. Basically it is hair that has been left "as is" in its healthy and natural state, although it does go through a sanitary process. The hair is still bundled carefully so all cuticles are laying in the same direction. Virgin hair is highly valuable more then normal Remy hair, because it will last much longer. The lifespan has not been cut short due to no processing whatsoever. Virgin hair does come in less color options, but can still be colored and lightened. Virgin hair also comes in many natural textures. Because virgin hair is unprocessed, please note that each hair will vary slightly from bundle to bundle. **Please be aware that if u are purchasing hair that is already colored (processed) it is NOT Virgin hair!**

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