Design A Wig


Thank you for choosing Topnotchstyles Boutique to design your new look! We value our customers satisfaction in our products. To ensure that we provide you with Topnotch Service, please adhere to our Wig Guidelines & Policies:

1) Once Wig quote is submitted, you will be contacted within 24 hours for consultation and quote based on your submission.

2) Following consultation; Invoice will be sent. Please note that FULL payment is required for ALL customized Wigs!  Wigs will not be designed if Invoice is not paid in full.

3)Once invoice is paid in full, the customization process will begin for your wig.

4) Please note that your wig will be specially handmade to fit your desired look and will take 3-4 weeks for special customization.

5) Please note that NO changes will be made to wig design once payment is made.

6) NO REFUNDS on Wig Customization Design! If decide to cancel Wig design request, you must do so within 24 hours of submission or consult otherwise you will forfeit your refund.

7)Our wigs are designed and customized using 100% Raw Virgin Hair that has not been processed or chemically treated.

8)We do not offer U-Part Wigs at this time.

9)Please email any questions or concerns to